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un articolo scritto per la scomparsa di Alessandro Alessandroni

Alessandro Alessandroni, death of the whistle The Man Alessandro Alessandroni died on March 26 (2017) at 92 years. Composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist he will be remembered for his skills as a guitarist and whistler in many famous Italian and international cinema soundtracks Alessandroni began to play various instruments such as guitar, mandolin, piano, flute and sax like a self-taught.  After graduating from the conservatory of Rome he began to work with the “Fonolux” society as member of orchestra for film music. In that period he met Nino Rota who discovers his talent as a whistler. He was nicknamed "whistle" (“fischio”) by director Federico Fellini. Its crisp, clean whistle has been appreciated by many Italian composers of film.  In 1964 Ennio Morricone calls him to make a "fischiatina" (“a little whisper”) for a unknown western movie by Sergio Leone and this song was the theme of the titles of "A Fistful of Dollars". On this music Alessandro

BEST ALBUMS 2021 selected by AMPTEK

Si fa sempre più complessa una categorizzazione per generi di una popular music sempre più trasversale e contaminata. C’è ormai una sovrapposizione di strumenti e di stili, si fanno sempre più sbiadite le categorie del 900. Suoni digitali e strumenti tradizionali non stabiliscono più confini precisi fra generi o gruppi etnico sociali, siamo nello style fluid dell’elettronica dove si definiscono nuovi territori underground. Best Albums 2021 1. Arca – Kick II – Kick III – Kick IIII – Kick IIIII 2. Patricia Taxxon - The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe 3. Moor Mother – Black Encyclopedia of the Air 4. Sons of Kemet – Back to the Future 5. Maxwell Sterling – Turn of Phrase 6. Koreless – Agor 7. Proc Fiskal – Siren Spine Sysex 8. Floating Points, Phaorah Sanders, London Symphony Orchestra – Promises 9. ---__--___ - The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid 10. Ziur – Antifate 11. Low – Hey What 12. Dialect – Under~Between 13. Smerz – Believer 14. Injury Reserve – By the Time I Get